Create a back yard oasis with an above ground wooden pool. Shown here in knotty red cedar

Round or oval

We offer 7 sizes of round       9′, 12′, 15′, 21′, 24′ and 27′
and 3 sizes of oval     12′ x 24′,      15′ x 30′    and    18′ x 33′

pool sizes

The nicest feature of an in ground pool is a set of stairs (eliminating the plastic ladder). NEVER before offered in an above ground pool – UNTIL NOW!
Our stair system provides safe, easy access to the pool. Ideal for all ages, the stairs double as a seat for relaxing with your feet in the water and are ideal for teaching youngsters to swim. Perhaps you have a dog that enjoys the water – now your dog can enter and exit with ease
The stairs are engineered from galvanized steel ensuring quality and lasting durability.
The stairs are pre-made and installed under the liner (the liner arrives with the stairs welded right into the liner) ensuring they are secure for a look and feel second to none.

No matter where you live winters are harsh on a pool. You have algae growth, airborne leaves, insects and bird droppings all targeting your pool

Leave the winter cover off and deal with it in the spring
Install the black plastic bag that does collect everything all winter then deposits it into your pool when you try to remove the cover in the spring
Install our EXCLUSIVE “blow up” winter cover. Our cover installs into a special track (exclusive to our pools) and “locks” in using a locking cord (included)
Come spring you pump off the water collected, insert the exhaust of your vacuum or leaf blower and blow up the winter cover. Walk around with a garden hose and rag and wash off all the algae, leaves etc. Then fold up the cover for next winter.

Winter cover installed floating on top of the water collecting debris           shown here after you add air under the winter cover

debris-web    blow-it-up-web

photosix   photo4

photo9   round-wood

Give us a call – we will sell as a kit or install your pool for you.

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