Insulated Logs

Insulation inside a Cedar Log!

For Log Pods and Cabins

After 7,000 hours over 3 years, we have engineered an insulated log that meets the National Building code for R-value and building permits.

We can change the species of wood from the interior to the exterior of the log which has until now been impossible. This is what an insulated log looks like.

We receive hundreds of inquiries every year about the cost of a yurt, can we install it ourselves, and how much is a yurt? Just the word YURT has people thinking CHEAP STRUCTURE. This is a start to finish of just the installation of one of our cedar yurts – there is nothing here showing the months of work to get it to a place where we can install.

We hope that you enjoy looking through this as much as we did making and erecting it.

Insulated logs
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