Cedar Yurts

A Most Unique Log Cabin/Home

We offer three different levels of cedar yurt. The old saying is true:

You get what you pay for!

When most people see or hear the word YURT, they think cheap building. While that is true for the most part, you can’t get building permits for the soft-walled yurts as they have very little insulation. To keep the price down the windows are NOT real glass – just a clear piece of vinyl velcro taped to the canvas.

After nearly 50 years of building residential and commercial, we refuse to offer something that will not stand up to our winters.

Yurt #1

Yurt 1

Our 3-Season Yurt. With solid cedar walls, real glass windows that open, and a vinyl roof to keep the price down to compete with the soft-walled yurts. Want to add insulation to the walls? No problem, we have options for every feature.

Yurt #2

Yurt 2

A fairly well-insulated yurt (walls are R-12), insulated floor (R-20), and a standing seam metal roof. Nice and warm but still not able to get a building permit as it does NOT meet all aspects of the building code. If you do NOT require permits, this is the yurt for you.

Yurt #3

Yurt 3

A well-insulated yurt that is stamped and signed by a licensed engineer, passes all RSI value regulations necessary for permits, and meets all regulations under the National Building code. R-40 floors, R-30 walls and R- 40 to 60 roofs.

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