Barrel Saunas

Your Location, Your Sauna

Our SCENIC VIEW barrel sauna features the entire back wall as a large durable acrylic bubble.

This bubble NEVER gets too hot to lean against, is UV-protected, and does NOT give any off gassing.

a bronzed bubble which we call “smoked” and offers an element of privacy as it is harder to see inside (like looking into a pair of sunglasses)

Do you have a special need? Different length, a party sauna, 2-tier seating perhaps? How about a longer sauna with separate cooling down/change room? We can help with your ideas!

Barrel sauna inside
Barrel sauna
Barrel sauna
Barrel sauna

Delivery & Installation

No matter where you live, we make sure your barrel sauna is delivered, and installed safely and efficiently.

We'll work with you in advance so that you are clear on delivery time and installation requirements. Our team has completed many of these to cause minimal interruption to your daily life.

All in all, we know that you'll be happy with what you receive!

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