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What We Make

In addition to our core products, we can pretty much handle any project and have a great team of talented and dedicated craftsmen.

Historical Restorations

Antique Reproductions

Institutional Furniture

Commercial Renovations

Residential Renovations

Wine Cellars

Campground yurts

One-of-a-Kind Furniture

Kitchen Cabinets

Leisure Products

Custom Doors

Custom Wood Carvings

Barrel Saunas

An amazing way to conveniently take a sauna and do it in the location of your choice! Decks, lawns, rooftops, wherever it fits into your life.

Sleeping Barrels

Canadian sleeping barrels take overnight accommodations to the next level – no more soggy bed rolls! Sleep in a natural space that co-exists with nature.

Cedar Yurts

The logs stand vertically, creating a circle house. They can also be laid horizontally, creating a conventional log home. Like a jigsaw but better!

Cedar Hot Tubs

Relax in your very own hot tub, on your deck or in your yard.

Insulated Logs

New log pods and cabins.

Fun Stuff!

Barrel picnic table, barrel dog house, whatever your idea is.

Delivery & Installation

No matter where you live, we make sure your product is delivered, and installed safely and efficiently.

We'll work with you in advance so that you are clear on delivery time and installation requirements. Our team has completed many of these to cause minimal interruption to your daily life.

All in all, we know that you'll be happy with what you receive!

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