Insulated Log Yurt!

After 7000 hours over 3 years we have engineered an insulated log that meets the National Building code for R-value & building permits.

We can change the species of wood from the interior to the exterior of the log which has until now been impossible. This is what an insulated log looks like.

insulated log with FIVE (5) T & G

I receive hundreds of inquiries every year about the cost of a yurt and can I install it myself and how much is a yurt? Just the word YURT has people thinking CHEAP STRUCTURE. This is a start to finish of just the installation of one of our cedar yurts – there is nothing here showing the months of work to get it to a place where we can install. We hope that you enjoy looking through this as much as we did making and erecting it.

We start with the well insulated floor installed on screw pilings. We are using the new GPS (Graphite infused polystyrene foam)

screw pilings in – 6″ x 6″ pressure treated post screwed into the screw pilings
floor coming together
Perimeter of the floor has a pressure treated rim joist
plumbing, heat tape and electrical all installed through the floor
Just the floor and the installation of the screw pilings as seen above would be $20,000

If the floor is out the least little bit EVERYTHING will be much harder to erect.

Now we must prep the floor and install blue skin and sill gasket before we can install the door & window sections and the logs
Window and door sections are premade in our shop with curved headers, blue skin and metal flashings. Start with where you want the front door
Front door up – start installing the insulated logs
Each log has 5 tongue and grooves (T & G) – the outside one gets a bead of caulking and the inside one receives one strip of emseal asphalt based expandable log cabin tape. This image shows the tape being applied
Keep standing up logs until we reach the spot where the first window goes
Everything must be braced as there is high winds. You can see the old growth red cedar on the interior of the logs here
End of day one
Installing window number 2 on day 2
A few more logs then the back door and more bracing
Back door installed – now more logs – almost half way
closing in the walls – 2 more window sections to go
Leaving a 6′ space with no logs so all the sub trades, drywall etc can come through the open space rather than over the thresholds of the doors
Starting the perimeter metal roof ring
Now we have to build a center scaffolding to hold the center ring. This must be able to slide up and down then lock in place when the proper height is met
Center ring going up
Have to sit it right on top

Time for a crew change. Sent the 2 from Nova Scotia packing and hired Jeff Perley and his son Sheldon from the band. Pat was extremely happy to be working with like minded carpenters and the build continues

sheet number 1
sheet number 2
First 4 sheets are installed North, South, East and West – the only way to know if you are centered and at the right height. When all the pre drilled holes line up tighten the bolts.
Keep going around the circle installing sheets
Last sheet – success, the metal roof is now installed
This is what the underside of the metal roof looks like at this point
crane truck on site to lift the bubble in place
Bubble is in place – get the spray foam started
Spray foam started at 10:00
round and round we go
Dave from Dave’s insulation was awesome to work with (and he enjoyed my chocolate cake)
Framing started on center wall with Pat, Jeff and Sheldon
Ready for the loft floor joists
Window between the 2 spaces framed in
Installing the loft joists
Loft floor installed and plywooded. Next we install the 2 x 8 rafters so we can add another 8″ of batt insulation making the roof R-45
First 2 rafters
rafters are screwed to the center ring and spaced evenly around the yurt walls
Up into the loft area as well Rafters all installed
then batt insulation to make the ceiling R-45. We can offer R-60 if required in certain areas
A fireproof fabric is then installed
Later I will post the picture of the faux beams that cover the staples on every rafter
Next the sub trades – electrical rough in
Trying to keep out of everyone’s way as we start hanging drywall
wires run and plumbing rough in finished
couple outlets as well as the outdoor plug
pony wall where all the support equipment will be placed
plumbing rough in
vent stack installed
ceiling started in the maker’s space
ceiling almost done – attic access hatch
ceiling done – starting the walls
more pictures after the mudding
Sept 21 more mud
more mud
mud mud mud
prep work for the mini split for heating and cooling

This is probably a good time to show you what it is like on site. No fancy hotel rooms and gourmet meals. The owner, Dave usually stays on site in a trailer or 5th wheel and sets up a kitchen to feed the workers. The following are several images of the set up for this install

All the comforts of home. Fridge, stove, oven and cooler and of course a fire pit to burn the cutoffs and garbage that is burnable
The shipping container is close to the yurt and also acts as a windbreak
Looking back toward the yurt
What better way to spend the evenings. After all the workers leave, I just sit around the fire
Every now and then Dave spoils the crew with a cake
or cake pops
Back inside, Graham spent most of Sept 22 on his hands and knees belt sanding the seams / joints in the floor as it had to sit outside all winter in northern NB (due to Covid 19)
The insulation now has all the spaces full and ready for the black cloth
Fireproof textile is now stapled over the batt insulation which in on top of the spray foam insulation
To cover the staples, we fasten red cedar faux beams over the staples on every rafter
3 faux beams up
7 beams up
black cloth all installed and half the faux beams
All faux beams installed
start to install trim pieces
This is what the entire bottom will look like when done
more painting and temporary electrical hooked up
flooring in – final coats of paint
Had to go to Woodstock – forgot just how pretty it is here this time of year

Sept 26 painting almost done. Almost time to bring in the curved counter and hang the doors and install the window..

Makers space floor done.
Crystal Flooring was super to deal with – excellent installer
Closing up the opening that everyone has been coming in and out of
Just a few inches left
One last piece will simply slide in straight
curved counter out of the shipping container
Plumber plumbing in the sink and the solid fir top is being scribed to the wall
toilet is installed
bathroom all done and 1 coat of finish on the inside of the logs

holy large water heater Batman – way larger than needed for 2 small sinks. Shane had it removed and purchased a smaller one. Mitchell Plumbing was excellent to work with
Plumbers truck – haven’t seen a nice truck bed pull out as nice as this
Devost showed up with the mini split and started installing. This is the main heating unit
The brains of the unit
The unit installed up on a metal stand looking ahead at the proposed wrap around deck
prep for the wall mounted unit in the makers space

prep for the same in the main area.
and all done. Devost Refrigeration is an excellent company to work with
got the hood vent in today – fan and lights in the hood vent
back door now has an exit sign with battery back up in case of a power outage

inside looking out of the main door
Pressure tank, new smaller hot water heater and the HRV (heat recovery & ventilation). These units are designed to provide fresh air into the building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air to the outside..
got the railing in today – starting to look finished
Interior door install day. Mark came by to help install the doors while Jeff finished the baseboards and attic access ladder
Jeff and Mark work very well together – 2 doors installed
Baseboards started
baseboards done
On to the front door
Front door now installed.
back inside the doors are hung
looking up
looking down
looking down to the left
looking down to the right
inside the loft looking out

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