Wild Pacific Yurt Campground

This blog is dedicated to the manufacture and installation of the first insulated log yurt on the west coast.

Or should I say WET Coast?

This is yurt one of 5 or 6 so we wanted it to be a show piece.
I happened to know where there was 2 mega red cedar logs that had been sitting under cover for 35 years.
I made an offer and purchased both of them.
Approx 600 years old and 52″ diameter it was a fun start to the project.

Here we are loading one log – they were so large I could only get 1 at a time on the trailer

Both logs had to be quartered so the portable saw mill could handle the size

Another quarter with the second log on the trailer in the background

Making lumber now

Look at that color – the dark reddish hues – oh man – this is going to be beautiful

I learned something new on this build so far – see the little spikes coming out of the tree? That is how a knot starts – from the center out. You can see the actual knot(s) at every spike. Look at all those little spikes.

This was the lumber yield from the 2 large logs. All loaded up and on the way to the dry kiln


So now I have some beautiful kiln dried red cedar for the inside and outside of the logs
We can hand clamp every log and be able to clamp 3 logs a day – that would take 40 – 50 days


purchase a clamp system that can clamp the logs faster

so guess what we did?

This is our clamp carrier stripped down and on the trailer

At our shop – clamp arms being put back on

All set and clamping the short lengths (for under windows and above windows)

As well as the 10′ long logs

In 1 week all the logs were clamped up and ready to run all the logs through the machine with the triple tongue and groove

These logs will run through several machines to make them straight, the same width and same thickness next.

The jointer

The table saw

The shaper

Coming out of the shaper

End result – a triple tongue and groove joint

Now that we have the logs made we have to make the window and door sections in the shop


The short pieces are clamped and screwed together with big stretch in all 3 cavities
10″ Simpson Strong Tie truss screws are used to pull every log to the last one

More shorts are addes

Nice tight joints and hole routered for duplex receptacle box for electrican

One more side log on this window unit – beautiful colors in the cedar

Logs all notched for electrical

Speaking of electrical Рa hole or chase is bored from the electrical notch to the duplex receptacle opening

One (of 9) window sections ready for interior and exterior finish

Both sides of EVERY log now has to get sanded to remove all the marks put on the cedar from every step along the way.
Cal did an AMAZING job using the last thing I would ever consider using – a portable belt sander

3 window sections sanded and 1 coat of finish applied to the inside
These window sections are upside down in case you were wondering why the holes for the electrical are up top

Finish applied to the inside of each log – goes on glossy then finished as a low sheen
Log number 1

More logs – more rich colors from a 600 year old log

So while Sean and Cal are putting the finishing touches on the  logs, it is time to head out and get the site prepped.
Looks like a level place to park the RV for the next month or 2

RV in place

It rains a LOT here so building a mud room is a must. Picture later when it is built

Back to the shop to load the truck with materials for the mud room as well as the 6 x 6 for the yurt
Load 1

The guy walking into the restaurant is looking at me like I was crazy

Back on the site, this is what the spot looks like where the yurt will go
Man, we have a LOT of work ahead of us

The 6 x 6 timbers are placed, marked and cut with a monster skill saw with a 16″ blade
Our laser level was set up so everything is perfectly level
Center section is done – starting the outside pilings

Start seeing it take shape – wish the rain would stop
Mind you I hear it is minus 40 and several feet of snow back east so this is not too bad

Both inner and outer rings are done

Special bracing was added to stiffen and LOCK everything together

Ready for the tractor trailer and the floor pies
Sean, Cal, Chris and Jesse are loading the trailer at the shop

Mud room is built – 20′ x 10′ with a wood stove, chimney and clothes drying racks

Next the door is framed in and hung

Trailer with the entire yurt arrives on site

Floor pies installed on top of our 6″ x 6″s and the sub trades installing plumbing, electrical etc

This was Jan 10.

Jan 11 everything changed