Horse Newel Post

One of a Kind is at it again

We are creating a trade show display to exhibit the craftsmanship of our artists.
We will take a pile of spalted maple, dress it down, glue it into flat panels then
glue all these panels together to make a thick slab 10″ x 30″ x 4 feet high. THEN
we will take that chunk of wood and carve it into a PAINTED PONY using the
character and color in the wood to paint the horse.

Here is our artists rendering of what it may look like if we had done it in oak.

Our graphics artist is Sheena McCorquodale. If you require artwork, paintings,
doves,  wire animals or just about ANYTHING creative in design, Sheena can
do it or knows where to go to get it done.

Sheena McCorquodale
5320 Island Hwy W
Qualicum Beach
V9K 1Z2
250-757-9991 home
250-937-9991 cell

Follow us as we complete this project – LONG way to go yet!

Some of the maple and 1 panel being glued together


A second panel and so on

All the panels being clamped and glued together. Have to be quick as
the glue is drying.

This is how thick the horse will be


Dan Richie (chain saw carver) has agreed to assist us with this carving


Simply looking at our sketch he puts on his chain saw pants
takes another sip of his coffee and starts making sawdust.


Dan is awesome and has a great imagination


A couple of hours are spent blocking and getting rid of unwanted wood


Dan is used to carving green cedar and this is creating quite a challenge
as it is dry maple and VERY hard


4 hours of solid chain saw work


5 hours


I was looking for a name for this horse – I am thinking EVIL EYE so far

Perhaps we should open up the name to the community of Bowser
and area.

Next Dan takes a propane torch to the mane and WOW it sure mellows out the


Meanwhile Sean takes the sanding disc and starts to smooth out the
wire wheel and chain saw marks etc.

So we have to now sand for 12 to 16 hours
Starting to look smoother after only 3 hours

Have to make EVIL look less Halloween  scary and more kid friendly
NOT TO WORRY – it is all done with mirrors folks


grinding and sanding

cutting away excess wood

Hand chisel to parts tools can’t reach

and at the end of the day we have a much softer LESS SCARY horse


Keep checking back – this is the 26 Oct