Alpine yurt

Received a call from Andy Smith, the Strathcona Area Supervisor for BC Parks, West Coast Region to see if we could design one of our cedar yurts to withstand 540 pounds per square foot snow load.
EVERYONE I spoke to about this said there must be something wrong. That would be over 50,000 pounds of snow. That can’t be! Well it was and it is real!

I was confident that our cedar yurts could withstand this load with a bit of engineering and some changes BUT FIRST……

For any newcomers to our site or to our yurts or to yurts in general, this is what a typical yurt looks like (not ours)
lattice walls There is a wood lattice wall structure covered in canvas (seen here with no canvas)

lattice and windows
Here is a look from the inside of someone’s yurt. I do not know where either image came from or I would add a credit note. If a reader out there does know please contact me.

Enough about other yurt manufacturers!
This is what our campground yurt walls look like. We replaced the lattice and canvas walls with western red cedar


Our windows are made in complete sections with curved headers to support snow loads. These are premade right in our plant.
You can have 1 window or gang several together

w-header Seen here with the curved header

5 windows

Seen here with 5 window sections all ganged together

The platform is built then the door section is stood in place and staves added until you come to another place that you want a window and so on until the last piece of wood (we call them staves) is installed. Then we tighten the hoops

inside Approx half the yurt is now standing.on the Salt Spring yurt installed in August

top-hoop Bottom hoop is on – installing the top hoop now

band-on Metal band to start the metal roof.

metal-roof3 Install the standing seam roof panels

hard working guys Finished


Cedar was purchased from Sawmill Direct
2 sections of yurt scaffoling was purchased from Home Depot


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