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Experienced Woodcrafters

After nearly 50 years of building residential and commercial, we refuse to offer something that will not stand up to our winters.

To us, it is truly one-of-a-kind items that you will simply not see anywhere else. Of course, we also do ordinary (with the same attention to detail as our custom work), we can pretty much handle any project and have a great team of talented and dedicated craftsmen.

“Round is the new square,” said owner Dave Byers, whose company also makes round cedar hot tubs and barrel saunas as well as custom furniture of all shapes. “I love everything round.”

Dave Byers

About the Owner

Dave Byers moved to the Parksville area with his wife, Shirley, in October of 2015, after his 34,000 sq. ft. woodworking shop in Belleisle Creek, NB, collapsed after the 5 nor-easter snowstorms, which resulted in a total accumulation of 17-feet of heavy wet snow earlier that year.

The couple lost nearly everything so they sold what was left and moved west with some hand tools, a good sense of humour, and a dream to re-establish his business on beautiful Vancouver Island.

“I’ve always done woodworking,” said Byers, 65, who at age six helped his father build his first cabin. “I don’t know anything else!”

Baeumler approved

The firm is happy to announce that they are Baeumler-approved.

Dave and team
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